Linda has been working as a Certified Personal trainer specializing in one on one and group personal training in the home, gym, and corporate setting since 1990.  She is a holistic trainer and coach.

She is professionally certified by: The American Council on Exercise (ACE), The Canadian Fitness Professionals Association (CANFITPRO), Group and Individual fitness instructor (YMCA of Canada), and TRX Suspension Training. She is a Master Stability Ball trainer, and holds certificates in Boxing for fitness, Bosu, and Spinning.

She is currently working privately and available exclusively as the Corporate Trainer responsible for the Health and Wellness Program for Le Group Aldo’s Head Office in St. Laurent.  She is an alumni amabassador for Lululemon, and past Fitness Coordinator for Monster Gym. She is also a judge for UFE (Ultimate Fitness Event) and FAME: Body building and Fitness competitions.

Linda specializes in group trainings, preferring it to one on one trainings, for better motivation, fun, and to experience the camaraderie of being part of “tribe” training. She prefers High Intensity Interval training over slow steady state, and emphasizes core/functional training over machines, and muscle isolation training. Boxing is a big part of all trainings to help reduce stress, and bring up the fun factor!

Foam rollers, TRX, Med Balls, Pullups, dumbells, stability balls, bosu’s, battling ropes, are some of the regular equipment choices in group trainings.