Aldo’s Corporate Health and Wellness Program

Small group semi private training


Our mission at Linda Sproull Health and Wellness is to motivate, and provide you with a fun/safe place to train. We want you to achieve results. We are a Team of result oriented professionals dedicated to fitness. Our staff is educated and passionate about Health, Wellness, and fitness. We live, eat sleep health and fitness!

At Linda Sproull Health and Wellness the guest experience is priority #1. We care about you, and your health. We know time is an issue , so we believe in max effort for minimal time. Get in, get out, get the job done and have fun while you do it.

At Linda Sproull Health and Wellness our focus in on stress reduction and making health and fitness a big part of your life. We are not a traditional gym of machines and body builders. We focus on Core Functional training as well as tried and true traditional distressing techniques such as yoga. We help you achieve a body that is capable of doing real life activites, and not just lifting wieghts in a certain position using certanin machines. We use equipment and techniques designed for body weight training.

Come in and give us a try, we’re sure you’ll join our community and become part of our family!